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Thinking Together is Enrian's workshop-based approach that facilitates the development of revolutionary ideas. As facilitators, we bring together diverse skills like problem solving, critical thinking, technology, design, and business expertise to create an environment that encourages collaborative thinking, innovative problem-solving, and the exploration of new possibilities.

Our thinking approach

Understand and Explore image


To recognise your needs and provide support, we collect info on your goals, services, and landscape. We’ll analyse your competition, create customer profiles, so that we understand what problems we face and explore what we can achieve by solving them together.

Define and Ideate image


After understanding your business, we collaborate to identify issues and benefits experienced by you, your staff, and users. We prioritise challenges and seek solutions to improve. After that, we will collectively brainstorm a range of solutions.

Plan and Estimate image


For each ideated solution, we will assess the impact and efforts associated with it. This step will enable us to identify a validated solution to proceed with. Our Business and Development Expertise will set the actionable steps for you to move forward.

Thinking Outcome


Includes key insights collected from all thinking activities and artefacts like ecosystem mappings, User Personas, competitive analysis, prioritised lists of pains & gains and verified lists of solutions.

Rapid design prototype

In preparation for further development, we will create a clickable prototype that enables testing with your end users. This  will allow us to validate the solution before investing additional time and resources into its implementation.

Digital Solution recommendation

Includes multiple technology options and development approaches, along with estimated timelines and costs.
This will enable you to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and budget planning.

Selected work

Large banking institution in Europe

Rethinking of an internal app to replace all paper based processes

  • 5X Design Thinking workshops
  • 5X Usability Interviews
  • Solution recommendation
Rethinking of an internal app to replace all paper based processes

Senior experts brainstorming with you

For every workshop we will come with experienced Design, Business & Dev capacity to better ideate & estimate the best solution for you

Book a call with Boudi our Thinking lead & let us think together how can we help you!

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