Meet the Enrianers

At Enrian, we're experts in digital business development and innovation, blending business consulting with technology and cutting-edge digital tools development. We're hands-on, known for our innovative and comprehensive solutions.

Enrian Partners

I have a vision of creating value through digital innovation. I am proud of my team!
Enrico Scopa
We always try to push boundaries in our digital innovation projects.
Mario Calcagnini
Client Lead, Business Advisory
The path to perfection is paved with incremental improvements.
Filip Ambrož
Client Lead, Digital Marketing
Asking the right questions, finding solutions.
Martin Němec
Client Lead, Digital Architecture
Enrian is a team that loves doing great things together.
Zuzana Kolínková
Client Lead, Operations and Lean
It's all about passion, curiosity, strong work ethics, and a pinch of luck.
Olesia Skibinska
Client Lead, Product Management
I am proud to see that Enrianers constantly develop themselves, which means we are doing the right thing.
Petr Kašpar
Client Lead, Delivery Excellence

Enrian  Experts

90 Enrianers from 25+ countries

Enrian Team members world map
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