Creating Value
through Digital Innovation

Transforming ideas into digital solutions. Building digital organizations and bringing along our way of working.

We put our skin in the game financially, for real.

Banca Intensa
Unicredit Bank
Molo Finance
Addiko Bank

See what our Client's aspirations are

We are building a new entity, digital platform, and ecosystem to offer all-inclusive pay-per-use electric trucks.

Large Automotive Company, Italy

We need to transform and digitize all of our credit processes.

Large Bank, Malta

We want to bring Business Strategy Planning in the Digital era and make it accessible and actionable for a company of any size.

3Horizons, United Kingdom

Can you help us build the UK's first fully digital mortgage player?

Molo, United Kingdom

We need to show that it is possible to launch a top-notch digital solution in four months. We need to reinvent our design and delivery capabilities.

Nedbank, South Africa

We want to reimagine how advisory and sales happen in our branches, bringing digital into the human interaction.

Slovenská Sporitelňa, Slovakia

How do we work? #EnrianWay

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Building on your Ideas

We are analyzing Innovation opportunities and building enterprise-grade digital solutions. We always start from an idea, not specs. To cut the red tape, we work directly with our client's top management teams while being hands-on anywhere it matters to get the work done.

We like the thrill of running against tight deadlines.

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Sharing Risks (and Gains)

We prefer to link our compensation to specific performance indicators of our client's business or even to become financial partners in their ventures. Why? It helps us stay flexible and able to re-focus on what brings the most value.

Even if it is something extra or completely different from the original plan.

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Blending and adapting

We mix senior business and tech skills as peers. And to boost creativity, we combine business advisory practices with the latest techniques and technology tools for digital solution design and delivery.

During the projects, we continuously adapt our approach, focus, and team configuration to maximize the final result.

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You can count on us!

Enrian in numbers

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Enrian Partners a.s.
Belgická 115/40
120 00 Prague 2
IČO: 03590879
DIČ: CZ03590879

Registered in the Business Register of the District Court of Prague , Section: B, File No.: 23042

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