Olesia Skibinska: Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!

Introducing our Delivery Lead Olesia Skibinska! She's sharing her professional journey as well as interesting project management tips. Make sure to check it out! 💚

Olesia is our Delivery Lead. You might be asking what exactly that means in Enrian. Well, that’s a tricky one, because our Delivery Leads usually not only oversee entire project delivery and act as Product Owner, but they are also responsible for making sure that work done in analysis, UX/UI, development, and testing is leading to the resolution of the Client's problem. It’s quite a hustle, but Olesia handles it with ease.

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Before joining us 4 years ago, she was in various positions in corporate and startups. Remember the marketplace platform Letgo? She was one of its first employees! In Enrian, she started as a business analyst/consultant but didn’t stay in that position for long. “I signed up for the Adobe XD course and started messing with the wireframes, doing my first simple projects in my free time. I showed one draft to our designer who was just passing by. He said it was good and brought me to one of his big digital projects. Being proactive really did pay off, because 6 months later, I was designing my own project.” Olesia describes her approach.

Because at Enrian we strongly believe in stepping out of our comfort zone, we gave her a chance to manage and lead her own team. After some time wearing multiple hats, Olesia took the challenge of leading end-to-end delivery of the project with all its complexities. “In my role, I connect the dots and make things happen. In short, I define clients’ pain points and work on a solution to resolve them. Then I’m making sure my team of designers and developers knows what to do and the Client is satisfied and well-informed about every important aspect of the project,” she continues.

When the deadlines are tight and the entire team is under pressure, Olesia as Delivery Lead needs to work her piece too. “I’m helping when needed, typically if someone has a lot on her/his plate. I can handle many tasks, I got my team’s back and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty!” says Olesia.

Her way of managing quite a large team of different nationalities and roles is inspiring. “I don't like micro-management. I trust my team, every single one of us is the owner of her/his small project, as I like to call it,” illustrates Olesia and continues “We communicate, we’re open to each other, and of course, we talk about difficult moments, too. It is important to speak up if you feel like you can’t give it the best, that is okay!”

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As you can see, Enrian is like a playground. If you look inside one of our meeting rooms, you can spot a Foosball table, Chewbacca, books, a 3D Printing machine, and a VR set... It perfectly illustrates who we are and how we work. If you are curious about certain things - just take the initiative and you'll get the necessary tools and opportunities. This approach describes Olesia's professional journey at Enrian. “It's all about passion, curiosity, strong work ethics, and a pinch of luck. If you have those, everything will work out just fine,” Olesia wraps up our short talk while hugging her dog Maggie, a great friend and mood booster of everyone inside our office.

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It's all about passion, curiosity, strong work ethics, and a pinch of luck.
Olesia Skibinska
Client Lead, Product Management