Martin Němec: Asking the right questions, finding solutions

Another edition of #InsideEnrian, this time with one of our Partners Martin Nemec. He is sharing interesting points about his professional life as well as best practices from leading and managing 🎯 complex banking projects. Have a look!

Martin Nemec, one of our Partners, is among the first employees of Enrian. He joined the company in March 2015 when we were starting one of our first projects. He was a senior software developer for McKinsey in Prague, and that is where he met our Co-Founder Enrico Scopa. “When I heard that Enrico and his business partner are starting Enrian, I knew right away that this is where I want to work next,” says Martin. 

Freedom and ability to learn new things

He joined Enrian as a junior developer when he was programming in .Net, C#, and Java. As he made progress quite fast, he remembers how he was amazed by the amount of responsibility he had right from the start: “I was attending board meetings of one of the largest banks in the Czech Republic, which gave me a lot of experience.” Martin had some consulting knowledge from the corporate environment, but when he started at Enrian, he began to capitalize on it. “Thanks to my consulting background, I knew how to talk with people who did the code, designers, and also top management, so I was often finding myself in a mediator role. It's cool that we do similar things in most of our projects even today,” adds Martin. 

Martin is an expert integrator of complex solutions in the legacy systems of our clients, mostly large banking institutions, but also startups. He has a lot of knowledge about integrating third-party solutions which help to solve extremely complex tasks, such as fully digital mortgages. While discussing his technical background, he is straightforward: “I know how to code, but I am not focused on a single task. Instead of reading textbooks, and following step-by-step manuals, I am always asking questions like - “how to make clients' lives easier?” “how to be more effective?” - and it works!” he explains. 

The impact of projects matters

“What I like the most about working in Enrian is the amount of amazing talent we have in our team. My job is to oversee everything regarding technical aspects of projects and help when I'm needed,” says Martin. Most of the time, Martin spends between projects, planning future visions and making 2+ year projections for clients. Apart from managing the team, he is the main driving force behind projects that are currently starting. “Right now, I am working on the architecture of 

a sales and servicing solution for electric industrial vehicles in Italy. Very demanding, but I can already tell that this will be big.”

Apart from work, Martin is a big cycling enthusiast. “I think it is okay to switch off during the day for an hour or two and just forget about everything during the cycling session. I discovered that quality of work is way better than quantity,” says Martin and continues “I am trying to encourage other colleagues to be active, too. When you feel like you have a lot on your plate, just go out and spend some time outside and get back to work after you are relaxed, this will make you more effective at what you do.”

Asking the right questions, finding solutions.
Martin Němec
Client Lead, Digital Architecture