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We are proud to be a technology-agnostic company that provides digital tools and infrastructure solutions for businesses. Our Partner responsible for technical solutions, Jakub Golan, recently discussed some of Enrian's main tech philosophies and tools for efficient project management.

At Enrian, we use many digital tools to help us manage complex projects where we work with startups, large banks, automotive companies, as well as global consulting firms. Having such a varied mix of clients is the reason why we are constantly striving to be ahead of technologies and have excellent knowledge of the best industry practices. Today, let's shine a light on some of our main tech philosophies with our Partner responsible for technical solutions, Jakub Golan.

Data protection and cyber security are our utmost priorities. We are obliged to keep the client's data, as well as ours, safe. That is why we are constantly striving to be better at it. This means that nothing work-related can be shared outside of the Enrian network and 2-factor authentication is always used, but it’s always an ongoing struggle between security and allowing people to just work without technology getting in the way.

I want all Enrianers to be happy at work and help them work efficiently. That is why we constantly search for new tools and technologies to help us with our projects. Even with something as basic as team communication, despite having a license for Teams we use Zoom instead, even though it’s an additional cost because it is proven to work better in various network-specific environments and lets the teams focus on our client’s needs instead of troubleshooting tech.”  

Jakub Golan, Partner

The last addition to our tool portfolio was Notion, which we use as a knowledge base for our UX designers. Newer additions also include Firebase for serverless tech stack and Flutter as a cross-platform mobile app framework. “We built the large and complex project management tool SIA on Firebase, to allow for quick out-of-the-box real-time data synchronization, and even though it has brought some challenges we are happy with it” adds Jakub. We are proud to say that Enrian is since its founding a technology-agnostic company. 

The number of tools and framework technologies in today's market can be overwhelming. Our job is to try them out, hand-pick the best of them and fit them to our client’s needs.

I encourage Enrianers to always try new frontend and backend technologies or project-related tools. The key here is to always ask the question how will this make the project or solution better?

That being said using the right technology for the right job is profoundly in our philosophy. Like using Rails, a proven and reliable framework, for high-traffic banking applications. “We don't go for the newest tools just for the sake of using something new and shiny, if we know something that works well even though older we use it” explains Jakub. 

What is also worth mentioning is the freedom of every Enrianer to work with tools that they like. “We are open-minded when it comes to sharing best practices. If someone proposes to implement a new interesting tool and explains its benefit, we are eager to start using it within our teams and testing it out on a project ” says Jakub. 

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Using the right technology for the right job is profoundly in Enrian philosophy.
Jakub Goláň
Client Lead, Internal IT & Tools, JavaScript