Building a Dream Team: How do we Hire and Retain Top Talent?

Read about Enrian's best practices and lessons learned when it comes to onboarding new professionals into our team! As we continue to grow rapidly, we know that a clear and effective hiring process is essential for success.

Not so long ago, Enrian had a team of 30 people. Fast-forward to 2023, and we tripled this number to 90 Enrianers who now work with us. Rapid growth like this requires a straightforward approach to our hiring process, which is being taken care of by Tomáš Petřík, HR Business Partner, and Petr Kašpar, an Enrian Partner responsible for Recruitment. We asked them what some of Enrian's best practices and lessons learned are when it comes to onboarding new professionals into our team.

I am proud to say that people that we hire usually stay with us for a long time and we see that they constantly develop themselves, which means we are doing the right thing in our recruiting, Petr Kašpar

The selection process begins with an intro call conducted by Tomáš. The candidate is then interviewed with potential colleagues to assess his or her skills related to the position. If the candidate succeeds, the process ends with a final meeting with two Partners.

Enrian values time, yours and ours. Our interviews are efficient yet thorough and meant to be informal and open. During the process, candidates have the opportunity to meet with colleagues who may work with them on projects.

We won't keep you waiting but will take the time to ensure the right fit. Offering a role represents a perfect alignment with the role as well as with Enrian's essence.

I am passionate about finding the right talent for Enrian. My goal stretches beyond assessing skills and fit for the job. It is also essential for me to provide candidates with an engaging and positive hiring experience, Tomáš Petřík

From the initial screening call to the final offer, I update the applicants on their status and answer any questions. In brief feedback calls after each interview, I better understand their expectations, concerns, and motivations. During the interview process, we also provide candidates with a guide outlining the company's culture, values, goals, and tips on showcasing their strengths. 

My goal is to make candidates feel valued and respected while showing them our company is a great place to work and grow”, says Tomáš. Throughout 1,5 years, we recruited more than 40 Enrianers from all around the world who work for us.

We look for a combination of hard skills and cultural fit in people. Similar to the nature of the projects we do, we like flexibility and the ability to learn new things and step out of our comfort zone from time to time. “The person's ability to learn is often equally important than their experience, as we know that we can teach people the necessary skills, but it can be quite challenging to change the mindset,” says Petr.

And what happens if we aren't a match? "Everyone hates generic rejection emails that don't add anything to the candidate's experience. For this reason, we always try to be honest and give constructive feedback that provides more details about our decisions. “The goal is to build a strong and lasting relationship with each candidate and ensure that they have a smooth and enjoyable journey with us. I believe that this is the key to attracting the right people for our company,” says Tomáš.

“The idea is that we give all of our Enrianers the opportunity to get the work done from literally anywhere with the help of some of the best tools on the market, but we also expect a certain level of flexibility from them when it comes to delivery dates, bug-fixing or client reviews,” adds Petr.  Enrianers can benefit from our knowledge-sharing Clubs. If a person is from a completely different field - Javascript developer for example - she/he can freely join sessions with our UX Designers who share tips on how to start. As we like to put it, you will never be alone or lost with us! 

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I am proud to see that Enrianers constantly develop themselves, which means we are doing the right thing.
Petr Kašpar
Client Lead, Delivery Excellence
I am passionate about finding the right talent for Enrian
Tomáš Petřík
HR Business Partner