Bara LeBlanc: Help people find their way and they will achieve incredible things

Our Growth and Training Specialist Bara LeBlanc talks about her 25-year career in professional development, her passion for learning, and what recently made her join Enrian.

Bara LeBlanc is a fresh addition to our team at Enrian. She came to us after spending 25 years at one of the world's largest consulting firms, where she created and led workshops and development programs for thousands of colleagues and clients from around the world. She graduated as a translator and linguist who found her professional mission in developing and coaching people. "I love to have smart and inspirational people around me," says the charismatic mother of three daughters and the glue of her large family, as we chat in the office.

 Although Bara worked for a global company of 45,000 employees, she chose Enrian, primarily because of our strong values. "It's not often that a company genuinely cares about whether its people are happy. Enrico's idea that we are first and foremost humans and only then employees is visionary. That's not common in companies. In my opinion, Enrian is significantly ahead in this matter," Bara emphasizes the values that led her to take her next professional steps with Enrian. "At the same time, I need freedom to do things my way to some extent, and I enjoy getting involved in many new things and projects," she adds. 

 Her role is Growth and Training Specialist. She designs a system that would support each Enrianer in their development. She also leads practical training sessions, where Enrianers have the opportunity to explore and build their skills, from presenting, time management, and giving and receiving feedback, to becoming the leader for themselves, others, and large projects. "I enjoy working with people who have passion and a drive to learn, who are curious and embrace new things. Not every company sees with a keen eye that its people have the courage to push for changing established norms. Enrian does," explains Bara. 

 "I've known Enrico for a long time, and when he offered me the opportunity to join Enrian this year, I first asked him if he even needed me?" (laughs). He replied that it's essential to him that every Enrianer has the opportunity to develop and advance not only professionally but also personally. This was the catchline that got me hooked - sorry for the pun," she smiles.

 When asked about her work specifics, Barbora takes a moment to reflect. "I approach each training with an emphasis on making it useful and meaningful for the particular group. Most often, I've led workshops for international teams, top managers, or consultants. However, I also led workshops for industrial workers, chemical engineers, or insurance agents walking the streets who needed to get better at communicating the results, successes, and hurdles of their work to their superiors. Now, this is the type of challenge I like. You have to win their trust and find ways to adjust the content to what would be actually helpful and practical for their needs. And let me tell you that the general business content delivered by a PowerPoint presentation in a classical classroom style is not it!" she recalls with a smile.

She also engages in coaching, which she stumbled upon by chance. At first, she was skeptical. "For years, I have been helping colleagues and clients to make communication skills their asset rather than their undoing. When I finally took the coaching course, I realized I was coaching without even knowing it. Now it's a significant, and very meaningful, part of my work," says Bara.

"My goal is for every Enrianer to feel accepted, understood, supported, and stretched - in the most positive sense of the word. I believe that when you help people find their way, they will achieve incredible things."
Barbora LeBlanc
Training & Coaching